Monday, February 14, 2011

Saban 14, 998 NE

The winter is clinging on longer than I can remember it ever doing before.  Certain sure it should still be cold, and of course snowy, but there's a...bitterness to it that's more suited to winter's own heart, not the edge of spring and only weeks from Bel Tine.  But, I suppose the weather is the weather, and not much we folk folk can do about it.  Those Aes Sedai in their tower probably just wanted to keep the ice about to chill their wine, aye, that I'd wager.

Still, I wish there weren't so many wolves say they're bold as you please, coming right into camp and snatching away horses.  And here behind the city walls, we've still got the Whitecloaks--our own type of wolf, and the lot of them rabid, at that...

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